Wisdom Teeth in the Information Age

We hear many different questions, thoughts, and personal beliefs from people concerning their wisdom teeth and thought it would a great opportunity to address this topic on our blog. Whether you still have your wisdom teeth or had them removed years ago this information can be very useful in understanding the truth about these unique teeth amongst the many different popularly held beliefs. “All wisdom teeth need to be removed as soon as possible.” While it is true for some people that they need to have their wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible it is also true that some people never need to have their wisdom teeth removed. If the wisdom teeth are properly positioned within the jaw and are kept free of decay and gum disease there is no reason at all to have them removed. “My wisdom teeth caused my front teeth to be crowded.” A review completed in 2012 showed the occurrence of crowding of the front teeth occurs in equal numbers for those who have had their wisdom teeth removed vs. people who did not have them removed. The wisdom teeth are not bulldozer teeth that have the ability to push all of the teeth in front of them and cause crowding. Our teeth have a natural tendency to drift towards the middle as a result of the physics of our bite being applied to our teeth. This drift is often first seen around the time that the wisdom teeth first erupt and naturally are associated as the cause of the crowding. However, after many years of research it can be seen that this is just a coincidence. “You have to be put under general anesthesia for the wisdom teeth to be removed.” For many people, the removal of wisdom teeth are no different than…

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