Happy New Year!

As we ring in the New Year with celebrations and joy many of us choose to make resolutions to improve our lives for the year ahead. New Year’s resolutions are not often maintained, but it is the optimism of a new year that gives hope to us all. Making a statement about how we wish to improve our lives is a positive influence that we all can use as motivation. To help maintain our resolutions here at Sloop Dental we have decided to announce our 2016 resolutions on our blog so please feel free to ask us about our success or failure at keeping our own resolutions. Dr. Allen- read 1 book a month for 2016 Amanda- to lose 30 lbs before her wedding in September Leroy- have more financial independence Milena- pay off her credit card balance Let us know what your resolutions are at your next visit. If you need any help finding a resolution, improving your dental health is always an excellent choice!

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Cosmetic Dental Services in Chicago

Sloop Dental is your South Loop neighborhood dentist. We specialize in providing honest recommendations and exceptional service for patients of all ages from toddlers to seniors. Using cosmetic dentistry techniques we strive to make all patients smile proudly.

Our staff executes a “health first” approach to provide care which will improve your overall health by creating dental work that will last. Just a few of our services include teeth whitening, veneers, implants, and Invisalign.

If you ever have a dental emergency our staff lives nearby and is available at any time. Feel free to contact us by phone or email or stop by our office. We always welcome visits from our patients to answer your questions or simply say hello.

Dr. Ken Allen provides family oriented, high-quality dental care; helping patients of all ages achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.