Why Are Mouth Guards Important?

Many of us associate mouthguards with Football. However, there are many other sports that can take advantage of the benefits that a mouthguard can provide. Some benefits include: Full and proper coverage of teeth Stays in place without biting down Easier to breath, due to less bulk in unnecessary areas Lasts longer Custom decals and colors available The obvious purpose is to protect the teeth. A proper fitting mouthguard also helps protects the jaw joint, and neck, by providing a cushion effect that absorbs the impact. It can even reduce the chance of a sports-related concussion. One misstep or an errant elbow on the basketball court could cause a serious injury resulting in the loss of a tooth. A mouthguard can also help runners, by keeping the jaw properly aligned, which can make breathing easier.  We all understand the dangers of riding your bicycle without a helmet. The same consideration should be given, when factoring the benefits of riding with a mouthguard. The lakefront path can be dangerous, especially when it’s crowded. Consider these tips, next time you’re on the bike path. Let users know that you’re passing on the left. Don’t block the trail if you stop or are going with a group. Yield to others when entering, crossing or turning onto trails. Be predictable, but expect other users to be unpredictable. You should consider purchasing a custom sports mouthguard, over the store bought models. The mouth guards in the store tend to be bulky and can impede breathing. Here at Sloop Dental, we can make a custom impression and shape a mouth guard specifically for you. There are many additional benefits to purchasing a custom mouth guard, and Dr. Allen would be happy to discuss them with you!

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